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To read more about how to scent your jewellery that can be scented, go to how it works , how to prepare the jewellery for a new scent go to how it works , how to create a scent, go to creating scents

The perfume lasts up to 14 days and a personal distilled scent lasts for up to 14 days as well. This can vary depending on the sillage of the perfume or scent.

When you'd like to carry another scent in your jewellery!

Our jewellery that can be scented is produced in Europe, our normal jewellery in china. We maintain supply chain transparency and close relationships with everyone involved in our process.

Good question! Our jewellery that can be scented are made out of 925 sterling silver. Our normal jewellery is made of stainless steel or brass.


To know what ring size to get, see our size guide size chart

Currently you can only purchase Veritume jewellery online.

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