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Veritume is defined by a passion for scent, jewellery and desire to make a positive impact. The meaning behind Veritume is a combination of latin words that when assembled, translate to “truly your jewellery”. We strive to empower people to express their personal story and identity through the medium of scent and fashion.

Lots of love,

Petronella, CEO of Veritume.

Get to know Veritume

Veritume was established by Petronella back in 2019. With a background in marketing and fashion, Petronella wanted to create a brand that felt personal, made a positive impact and explored the power of fashion and scent and how they could be brought together in new innovative ways.

Production and Values

Social and environmental sustainability is important to us. We have chosen to place the production of our jewellery that can be scented in Europe whilst maintaining supply chain transparency and close relationships with everyone involved in our process.

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