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The Veritume story has come to an end. We are so greatful for all these years & all off you who have supported the business. Never before have we had a discount on our website, however due to the website closing down we are selling out all of our products.

So this is your chance- get a hold on our scented jewelery & traditional jewelry all in unisex. Buy it for yourself & your family, friends & loved ones.

Lots of love,

Petronella, founder off Veritume.

Why buy scented jewellery?


Veritume offers jewellery that can be combined with your own perfume or scent. With your jewellery comes a bag with beads, a jar and instructions on how it works.


The scent lasts up to 14 days and can be an efficient way of using perfume. It can also be a way to bring the smell of other items through steam distillation.


Did you know that our smell is connected to memories and emotions? In this way, your scented jewellery can be a way to bring with you a certain memory or emotion.


Each jewellery is handmade of silver in Europe and has its unique stamp, and in combination with the jewellery having your own scent- it will be like no one elses jewellery.


Our iteams are a perfect gift. It is personal and unique, perhaps something your friend, partner or family member will appreciate!


Veritume is jewellery that can be combined with your own perfume or scent. We are defined by a passion for jewellery, scent & desire to make a positive impact. We strive to empower people to express their personal story & identity through the medium of fashion & scent.

Lots of love,

Petronella, founder of Veritume.

How does Scented Jewellery work?


Open the bag of scent beads and take out around 10 beads.


Place the beads in the jar and apply perfume or scent. Put the lid on and wait 2 hours.


Unlock the jewellery using the clasp. Then slide the top away from the jewellery.


Place the beads inside the jewellery.


Slide the top back onto the jewellery and make sure to lock properly using the clasp.

I love my necklace that can be scented! Added my Byredo Scent, and it lasted for 14 days like promised. Recommend!

Therese, 37 years

My boyfriend bought me an earring that can be scented for my birthday. Such a unique product, a really good idea for a gift!

Amelie, 21 years

I actually wear my ring without scent. Love that it is handmade in Europe and supports WHO!

Harry, 28 years


Evan though our jewellery that can be scented can be used without adding scent, we now also offer traditional jewellery- jewellery without scent function.

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